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we do not need to be afraid anymore , if the butcher shop closed .

Vrals.ga - In general, vending machine or tool vending provides a variety of food or beverage packaging that can last for a long time. But there are also some unique vending machine that sells eggs or even sell the story. But now increased by one more unique vending machine that sells bacon and sausage.

The first meat vending machine in Paris, March 15, 2016.

The vending machines that provide the meat is in Paris and is owned by a butcher shop called L'ami Txulette. Reporting from the AP, the vending machine is located in a region east of Paris named Rue de Charonne.

Actually in the area, there are dozens of butcher shops were open. Only innovation made by L'ami Txullete makes the meat can be accessed and purchased by anyone it easy for 24 hours. Florence Pouzol, the owner of a butcher shop and a vending machine that mentions the reason to install such machines is to keep people can buy meat at night and on weekends when all shops were closed.

There is a wide selection of meats are sold from goose meat to various types of beef. There are also beef steak with a special quality that are sold through vending machines. Method of payment can be done in two ways: pay cash or use a credit card. In terms of price, the meat sold through vending machines is more expensive than the 20 cents to buy directly in the store.

This machine is favored by some people, especially the young because they can buy meat at any time in the evening after they get home from work or gather with friends. Now it seems to be more and more vending machines that provide a variety of objects previously unimaginable.
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