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Many empty prison cells , the Dutch import criminals from Norway

vrals.ga - a unique situation being experienced in prison throughout the netherlands. the crime rate fell 0.9 percent over the last five years, triggering the ratio of inmates and guards at the windmill.
the whole penitentiary in the netherlands has 13,500 cells. however, only two-thirds just filled. if the occupants do not increase, the five prisons had to be closed because the warden unemployed.

the independent reported on wednesday (23/3), the dutch ministry of justice finally finds a middle ground. five prison it does not need to be closed, after the netherlands is willing to accommodate prisoners from norway to fill the empty cells.
the policy of 'import' of prisoners was announced jaap oosterveer, a spokesman for the dutch ministry of justice. "if the prison is closed, certainly not encouraging for our employees who work there. that's what we discuss with the norwegian government, so there should be no one who fired," said oosterveer.
in the agreement signed recently, norway was willing to send 250 prisoners detained legally binding for the dutch prison. based on count oosterveer, thanks to this policy the company does not have to lay off 1,900 guards or other prison workers.

exciting news for the government of norway or the netherlands is still a bad thing for the prisoners. moreover, the norwegian usual inmates enjoy hotel tub. it is common knowledge, the norwegian prison too humane, so if indulgent prisoners because the available sauna, tennis courts, as well as flat-screen tvs in every cell.

the inmates the norwegian average nogerhaven taken to the prison in the city of drenthe. in the netherlands, the prison facility contains spurious. "we're not going to change the facility with the arrival of prisoners from norway," said oosterveer.

netherlands turned out several times 'rent' prison guards in order to keep working. before convicts norway, state tulip has received a grant of 300 inmates from belgium last year. before any inmate import policy, the dutch were forced to close eight prisons, medium-sized because there are no occupants in 2013.
hotel pride was completely changed by the local government into an inn. one prison is now the hotel is het arresthuis, roermond, near the german border. formerly it was a solid prison inmate, even dubbed the most dangerous prisons throughout the netherlands.
the crime rate in the netherlands has decreased dramatically since the majority of the aging population. moreover, the inadequate number of prisoners also triggers the dutch government's own policies. dutch legal system does not promote the arrest of offenders. people proved wrong in court directed inclined to follow social work, rehabilitation, or a short prison, for his crime did not cause casualties.
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